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 Here's a fantastic opportunity to own a beautiful, waterfront condo in Horseshoe Bay. Located in the gated community of The Cape at Cape Terrace, this second floor condo overlooks Lake LBJ and offers some amazing sunsets! Walk to Horseshoe Bay Resort amenities! This property can also be income producing!

This condo has been professionally renovated with upgraded finishes such as granite and wood floors and is sold completely furnished. Most of the furniture is from Ethan Allen. The condo has a comfortable floor plan and easily sleeps four. This condo has two bedrooms, 1.5 baths with large custom tiled walk-in shower, walk-in master closet, laundry room closet with new washer and dryer, kitchen includes a bar and all stainless steel appliances, there's

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Refinancing is a matter of crunching the numbers. The real question is, will it save you money? The answer lies in several factors, such as the new interest rate, the new mortgage term, the refi costs and how long you expect to own the property.

With the graduated monetary easing over the past decade, some property owners have refinanced two or more times to take advantage of interest savings. This is particularly beneficial for those utilizing the low initial rates of an adjustable mortgage loan; refinancing before the guaranteed rate ends is a good way to lock into a lower rate for a few more years. The key is to switch to a fixed-rate mortgage before interest rates begin an upward trend.

The nice thing about where rates are today is that the

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The Lower Colorado River Authority will lower lakes LBJ and Austin for about six weeks in early 2017 to give lakeside property owners an opportunity to repair and maintain docks, retaining walls and other shoreline property. The drawdown also will aid in curbing the growth of nuisance aquatic vegetation such as hydrilla and Eurasian watermilfoil.

Lake LBJ

LCRA will lower Lake LBJ about 4 feet from about Jan. 2, 2017, to Feb. 13, 2017. The drawdown will take three to four days. Water released from Lake LBJ for the drawdown will be captured and held downstream in Lake Travis until it is needed by customers.

To refill Lake LBJ, water will be moved downstream from Lake Buchanan beginning about Feb. 10, 2017. The water to refill Lake LBJ is equivalent

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Georgetown, Texas tops the list, according to population estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau. The estimates, which track growth from July 2014 to July 2015, show the most rapid growth was concentrated in Central Texas, the greater Houston area and near Dallas

Located just north of Austin, Georgetown ranked as the nation's fastest-growing city with a population larger than 50,000. Its population grew by 7.8 percent, from 59,105 in 2014 to 63,716 in 2015. Georgetown’s population was 47,400 in the 2010 decennial census. According to the current estimate, Georgetown added 16,316 residents with a growth rate of 34 percent from 2010 to 2015.

Georgetown is part of the Austin-Round Rock metro area, which crossed the 2 million population threshold

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When buyers pull up in front of your home they have already sized your place up before the car door has shut. Curb appeal presenting a positive first impression is of the utmost importance when selling your home. A mowed lawn, trimmed hedges and trees,  fresh mulch and colorful flowers go a long way, at a minimal expense. Nothing is worse than walking up to a front door with cobwebs, mud dauber nests, burned out lighting and broken doorbells.  So don't forget about the front entry way. Making sure everything works, setting out fresh potted plants, adding a new door mat and touching up the paint and caulk make a huge difference.


Let’s face it, kitchens sells homes. A dated, worn out kitchen is definitely going to be reflected in lower

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Texas groundwater law is derived from the English common law rule of "absolute ownership." This law and its interpretation essentially provide that groundwater, once it has been captured by a well and delivered to the surface, belongs to the landowner. As such, landowners may use or sell all the water they can capture from below their land. Groundwater is governed by the "rule of capture", which grants landowners the right to capture the water beneath their property. This rule allows landowners to pump as much water as they chose, without liability to surrounding landowners who might claim that the pumping has depleted their wells.

What is Groundwater?

Water found below the earth's surface in the crevices of soil and rocks is called percolating

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Since pool time is now upon us, today is not too late to improve your waistline as well as your health. Listed below is a top ten healthy food list created by Texas A&M that has benefits you don't want to miss.

Almonds—antioxidants in almonds can lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Almonds can be a hassle-free snack to take to school or work. Drop some into a snack bag and leave them in plain view. Instead of going to the vending machine, nibble on your almonds instead.

Apples—apples are a great source of fiber, may help slow aging, and can lower your risk of stroke. In order to incorporate apples into your diet, try pre-slicing them. Sprinkling apples with a bit of lemon juice will keep them from browning. From there, you can make small

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The original Seller’s Disclosure Notice requirement first went into effect in Texas in 1994. If you've sold a single family home in Texas in the last 20 years or so you've more than likely completed a Seller's Disclosure Notice. Most sellers consider this document tedious to complete but accurately disclosing the condition of your property is one of the most important things you can do. Since both the buyers and sellers sign this document, it's written proof that you've disclosed what you know about the property.

The Seller's Disclosure Notice shall be completed to the best of the seller’s belief and knowledge. A seller has a duty to disclose material facts that could not ordinarily be discovered by a buyer, or that a reasonable inspection would not

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 Tax time is upon us and 2016 will bring some tax changes that you'll need to know about. By learning about these you'll be better able to take steps that will leave you prepared for both this year and next.

Contribution limits to 401(k) plans, IRAs, and flexible spending arrangements are all staying the same in 2016 as they were in 2015, reflecting the minimal amount of inflation in the economy.

You should check with the IRS to find out the exact details on some of these changes, however, here are a few notable tax changes for 2016.

  • New Filing Date for Federal Taxes - First the good news, in 2016 individuals will be given a few more days to get there 2015 tax returns filed. Since April 15th landed on a holiday this year (Emancipation Day),
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Central Texas vegetable gardens can be quite challenging as well as rewarding. The Central Texas hill country has mild winters and hot, humid summers. Planting vegetables at the proper time is important. There's a small window of time in spring between the blazing heat of summer and freezing temps of winter. If you wait too long to get your spring garden planted your yields may be low and struggling in the heat. Planting too early and a late frost could ruin all your hard work.

To get a head start on lets say, tomatoes, and keep your plants safe from the unpredictable final frost one could consider planting in pots or milk jugs. In Central Texas you can plant tomatoes several weeks ahead of spring by potting them and keeping them in a bright window

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