September 2014

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Texas Hill Country VineyardWhile I'm no wine snob, I do have a passion for the Texas Hill Country. So here's a one-off blog post that you wouldn't expect to see on my site about Hill Country vineyards, wine trails and wine tours. I imagine every city in every state that has vineyards, has wine trails and tours of some sort. This post provides information about wine trails and tours in the Texas Hill Country. Numerous Hill Country businesses provide this service.

The Texas Hill Country Vineyards

While Texas is fast becoming known for its rapidly growing wine region, the Texas Hill Country serves as the hub for wine trails and touring with more than 36 wineries within a 25 mile radius of Fredericksburg alone. The Highland Lakes area in Burnet and Marble Falls, as well as the

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Surveying Central Texas landEveryone basically knows what a survey is and this isn't the post to read about the history of surveys so I'll get right to writing about what I think might be helpful to some regarding surveys. A survey should be requested before any Central Texas property is purchased and its always safer for buyers to receive a new survey versus relying on an old one. It's usually recommended that  a buyer have an  old or existing survey recertified (updated) even if its approved by the title company or lender. Whether a new survey is ordered or an old survey is recertified, it's highly desirable to have the surveyor professionally liable to the new buyer of the property. A new survey also helps keep all of a buyer's Texas title policy endorsements intact.


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